Saturday, January 21, 2012

... In the root Of One Heart ...

How many do you know that'd take rejection with understanding?

How many would think of your upliftment still?

How many would continue to be friends of yours?

How many would shower you with their unconditional love?

I know of someone who loves me still;

I feel Him talking to my heart,

I hear Him teaching me where to cut corners,

I find Him asking me to look beyond-

At the greater good, at understanding, at forgiveness, at kindness.

Routine appreciation and love cards aren't vital to Him,

Nor are difficult fasts and pious visits to holy shrines.

Just show Him that you're focused, and on the right track running,

Eager to learn, progressing, wanting to grow, while help providing.

He knows sincerity from deception, trying from fulfilling,

Determination from fearful flight and faith from empty talks.

In the root of His Heart the tapestries of our lives find color;

That little fact hasn't changed now and won't ever!

Make promises to Him just as you always did,

Ask for the accomplishment of your desires like you have before;

Pray for a light, happy yellow day to unravel as soon as you've awoken,

Chalk out your plans with Him before you turn off the lights at midnight.

Guidance doesn't come to everyone- cherish yours!


haze said...

"I feel Him talking to my heart.."

*takes deep breathe*
Thank you again for this ♥

G said...


It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Ahh I missed these fabulous posts of yours :)
Love the header!

Julie said...

AMEN!! This is so right, there's no love like God Love. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day. Blessings!!

mayen said...

Awww so true. I know He will always be there for me, even when no one else seems to believe in me and I love that thought. It keeps moving forward.

You are such an inspiration dear friend. ah, that mahal kita line is so sweet. Mahal din kita! (i love you too) :)

haze said...

What the hell, Viju. Where have you been???!!! HAHA! My heart nearly dropped when I read your comment and you know I'm not lying!! I wrote you so many letters and stupid comments and was terribly worried. Ahhh!!! Write to me!! Love you! Miss you terribly!!

h said...

can you at least write back and tell me you're still there? i miss you!

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