Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Light has come searching

There are perspectives we have and those we find,

You see truth in both, appealing to the mind;

Struggles in yours that wholly define,

Unthinkable feats in theirs that'll bring out shine.

What will you choose today and why?

Glory waits for you to hatch out and touch the sky.

Madness is what they might set out to see,

Let the craziness in you flow;

At least you'll know your soul danced free,

Why cringe, why hide- just let your spirit glow!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being captain of the ship that sails still...

I want to be all I can be and more, in each of my days;

Yet, I wish so strongly, to forget not my peace,

His Presence filling magic in silent star-lit nights.

The two faces of mine don't seem to match at all;

I know they're mere versions of me,

Why then search for any of them, why call?

Reading the uncertainty stemming from familiar faces,

I look knowingly, only to step away further, faster;

What is it about diversions making sure I'll last longer?
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