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"No matter how bleak it may seem,
there ALWAYS is a way out!"


Anonymous said...

I have a question, Miss TheBlogWriter8. I have a question for God mostly, but I hope the answer will come through you.

Dear God,

I know you're reading my mind. Why then, do I type? I can't believe where I am, today. Will there be a day that I will say that in the positive sense? Can it be anytime soon?

I have no regrets, but I want so badly to move forward. I know you're helping me, but I'm asking for more. I want more, God. I want more. I want goodness to gush into my life in full force. I, too, want clear, easy solutions. I want to know for me that my life is worth it. Please help me. Please. Please show me the way, guide me, help me, carry me.

I trust that you've heard me out, God. Thank you for helping me. I love you.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Reading this, I became both sad and happy. I can feel your pain, but more than that I see Light in your words. I see the divinity there is in you.

I love how you talk to God; your connection will lead you forward. You've been able to state each thing you want, that your heart desires, so clearly- I know it is coming to you. God wants you to know that through me, today, perhaps.

To me, anyone with a heart as pure, loving and faithful as yours is worth every iota of the abundance contained in this world. God has heard you out- you're right. Wait for the miracles to happen. He promises you, it won't be long.

Keep wanting. Keep willing. Keep wishing. Keep trying. It strengthens the energy in your every thought. It gives more power to your dreams. It brings closer, your goals. Strive to stay as sincere as you are. Your destination awaits you just as badly. You'll see how it will welcome you with huge smiles and open arms.

I'll be praying for you, too. May the good Lord bless you always. Promise me that you'll never lose your spirit- it sets you apart from every other!


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss TheBlogWriter8,

You surely have a way with your words. Thank you for comforting me. May all of your goodness come back to you manifold. Thank you.

Lost said...

Hey Blogwriter!

"We'll find the SOLUTIONS together." Really, huh? I'm in trouble. I'm lost. Things might not seem as bad to anyone else, but I feel blinded. There's too many paths to choose from, too much risk involved, several months/years of my life at stake, money (that isn't mine) that must be invested. I don't know which way to choose. I'm trying. I'm praying. I'm complaining. I'm angry all the time. I'm taking it all out on everyone else. I want to stop. I am a good person- why would I let the madness get to me?

I know there are several choices that work; but one can't be too sure, you know? What if I blow it all? What if my research turns out to go on too long and backfires? What if I'm stuck?

I know I can do it. I am a sincere candidate. I want things to click- SOON. If soon could be spelled as "sn", I'd choose that. I'm tired. I want things to speed up and fit just right even.

There must be a perfect life for me, I'm sure. The lights are helping to clear the clouds, I know; but I'm impatient, I'm nervous, I'm fearful. I want to win just like you do. I've been reading you for long and I trust you. Help me, please. I'm awaiting your answer.

Lost said...

Oh, by the way, BlogWriter- I know I'm taking up too much of your time. Do you offer consultations professionally? :-) If yes, I'm headed your way for sure!

This is what I had forgotten to mention. I know what option feels like the best, easiest, safest, least risk (in my mind, of course) way. Do you think you could help me with getting what I'm hoping with all my heart to get? Are there any visualizations I should be doing?

That'll be all for now. :-D

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Dearest Lost,

You aren't lost; you are out on a treasure hunt- a search for your dreams, passions, purpose and more. Mere moments before I read your comment, I had an experience that I want to share with you, if you will allow me.

I was about to leave my room just as I noticed my hair clip sitting on the table, but I had absent-mindedly already turned off the light on my way out. I then proceeded to fumble for the said clip in the dark. I had seen exactly where it was. I KNEW it was there, but it took me a while to keep groping in the "blackness" that surrounded me. I contemplated turning the light on (I relate this story to your case in that you've asked for help) but I found the clip without having to do so, seconds later. What am I saying to you? Don't belittle yourself. I am extremely grateful for the compliments you've left me; but I assure you- YOU are more than enough for you. Mark my words. (Professional counselling made me laugh. Someday, maybe! ;) Would you really come?)

The world is full of abundant goodness. Ask the universe for everything you want exactly like you have asked of me, today; it'll be yours. Don't stress about it. Believe.

Form a plan. Look up every option. Is there a way to attempt two or more paths at once? (just so you save on time.) I can see that you've got the drive and are dedicated- you'll be able to do it; I assure you.

Living life is like making a cup of coffee- there is an order to follow, whether or not we like it. I judge that you're running too many steps ahead, fearing poor prospects and retracing your path rapidly- all in your head, only to realize that you're still at square one in the real world. Take it slow. It's easy. You can. You will. You are. I am not just saying it.

When you know about visualizations and you have desires, EVERYTHING you think ought to be positive. Live like you're already there. Speak, breathe, feel, look, hear, PERCEIVE as if you're already as big as you want to be. Try harder, day after day. See it in the mirror. Find it in your eyes.

Lastly, within 6 months, you'll have what you seek. Mark the date. Let me know!


Lost said...


You've totally brought happiness and cheer to me. Thank you! I'm SO much more positive and actually feel driven towards achieving my dreams. Would I come to your counselling session? OF COURSE!!! Without a doubt!

You've read so much about me without even knowing me- it's awesome! I'm going to be more confident, I promise!


TheBlogWriter8 said...

Good going! :) :)

Hun, about reading you- trust me, it's easy because we're all the same essentially.

I'm going to be looking for news of your success stories to come wafting through the air! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, more to God though. But I hope you can help me, too.
This is my everyday prayer to God:

God, you know much I love you. You know my heart and mind better than anyone. I need you. I need you now to answer me. I know you don't like us to live with worries in our hearts, with anxiety because you guide our lives and we shouldn't doubt, just live happily everyday.

You know how much I love my boyfriend. You know he is not a believer in you, Lord. But I still love him because he's my first love and I think he is the one perfect for me. He loves me a lot. I know, and you know too that I am his life. And he's everything I ever asked you for, but still, you gave me someone that doesn't believe in you. Why? It hurts, Dear God. It saddens me. I don't want to put him first than you. I really don't. I know exactly what the Bible says about not to marry an unbeliever. But what if he respects my decision of being a Christian, what if he would do anything to be with me? What if he is the one that understands me more than anyone in this world, besides my parents? Yet, what if he wouldn't get close to you, even if I talk to him and try to convience him?

It's hard. Very hard, God. I cry every night, for I don't want to be dishonoring your words. Please help me. Please show me the right way. Guide me with your gentle arms. I'm waiting, and I always will. Should I let religion get through the way in true love? I don't know. Answer me, God.
I love you. I love you. I love you.


Thank you, I'm glad I found this blog.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for trusting me with something you share with the Lord. I've thought about what I will now say to you long and hard; I sincerely hope that my answer will do justice to your anxieties.

Your trust, your faith and your love for God shine through your comment, here. Listen carefully; still the thoughts running in your head- He's answering you.

Every person in your life exists only because the Lord put them there for you; because He designed your life in a particular way. I am led to believe that God saw the disbelief that exists in your boyfriend's mind, yet His love for His child was so immense that He put YOU into his heart as a way for His love to grow there, to flourish. I am not sure what religion might say about this, but in my mind, I know that God needs angels like you to touch and heal the lives of those that won't allow Him to enter their world.

Do you think that someone who loves you understands "love" without feeling God, albeit unknowingly? Love is God. You don't have to feel bad about loving him back- God lives in him, just as He lives in each of us. YOU are the light in this boy's darkness and I'll say, he's rather lucky to have found you to keep.

At a more human level, I'd have said- if he can do anything for you, why won't he understand how important this is to you? Why won't he try to believe in God- for you? But you know what? I'd be wrong to say that. You and I can never really know the reasons for why someone is a certain way. We are almost clueless about their past traumas, their fears, their hurts- except for the part they allow us to see. So, I'd say, just let him be. Be happy, for true love doesn't come to everyone. Save the tears (dehydration ain't cool, eh? ;)) and celebrate God's love in both your lives.

All the very best. I do hope that I haven't disrespected any religious sentiments out of lack of understanding. :) God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for answering my question. I feel so very happy you helped me. Thank you thank you.

I have been feeling very depressed these days because, of course, about my boyfriend not believing. I know that the bible says not to be uniqually yoked with an unbeliever, for it is a sin. A sin that I am very aware of, but it's hard since you share a lot of feelings with that person already and it's hard to let go. I'm afraid of it. Very.

But I have taken in mind what you have just told me and I feel so much better. I believe God put me into his life to take him into the right path, but taking my time, slowly, bit by bit, because I love him. I know he has the knolege of who Jesus Christ is. But like you ssid, I don't even know why he hasn't accept him yet. I will try to change that side of him with all my heart and God's too.

Thank you once again for everything !
May God bless you each and everyday !
I love you. <3 :D

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Good girl! You're the one person that is his link to God and His ways- stay positive! You're important in the whole chain of events, you know! Feel very, very special! :)

Oh, and I'm glad I could help!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever boubt God?
I feel so lost i dont know whats right anymore.
My girlfriend is in canada right now and i miss her to death. But besides that i feel like i don't belong anywhere.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Doubts come to all of our minds. Tricky situations try to trip all of us. Hold on tight. Focus on one step at a time- every tiny step counts. You'll get there. Besides, living your life being so dependent on someone else's presence ain't very healthy for you, is it? Let her make a better person out of you, but a good person, given her presence/absence, you ought to be all on your own. No! I'm not preaching.I'm just trying to stick your hand to the railing of your life path. You'll do well, I'm sure! Good luck!

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