Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cracked vision needs the therapist in you

What about the days when you're too busy to pray?

He finds a way to stay- in your heart, in peculiar ways.

While you're thinking about the problems in your path;

He's wishing you'd trust Him more for now and rest.

It will all get sorted in time- He knows that, do you?

As guilt-ridden thoughts burden your mind, ashaming,

Don't liken your relationship with Him to one of many-

Strong relationships left behind in the sands of time.

God knows you inside out- He has walked with you;

He hasn't ever been in the dark- why cry or apologize?

Every person you meet is Him, each new situation is His;

Be as confident as you are when you're alone with Him,

For if truth be told, it always is just two- Him and you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep singing your song because YOU like it

When people criticize you, your behavior or your work,

You're affected only if you think that they are right.

If you find yourself fighting for your respect- work on it.

You will get to the top of your game, I assure you.

To heal an insult pricking you in the light of the day,

Rendering you speechless while wanting to play defense;

Work away into the nights, not caring for time or sweat.

The effort to clear the scars off your personal record,

Your passion to become the best and your hurting ego;

They'll light up your spirit- you will glow with pride.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Speedboats race you ahead of your time

When facing a problem, simply ask for what you want;

For God listens even as you cringe and think you can't.

Seek, demand, visualize, believe- that is all it takes,

Like cookies in His bakery, He sits up there and bakes.

Within mere minutes, you have sprinted across miles;

The mess you'd bent over, now cleaned up, shiny tiles.

Did you do anything different except focus on the good?

Yet, instantly destiny leads away from where you stood.

Your body language, thoughts, beliefs, understanding;

These were what lifted you, bad luck not withstanding.

It is completely acceptable to start work on you again;

It'll be immensely respectable, now that's a fair bargain.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walk the stairs to eat your cheese

When left standing at the centre of an asterix,

Even an eight-legged octopus is bound to feel torn.

Relax. Breathe. This isn't an obstacle race.

Life is easy because it was designed with you in mind.

When your thoughts speed by leaving you speechless,

Stay calm- blowing your top worsens your standing.

The sands that slipped to fall can be scooped up again,

Your battles, overlapping, can be fought to win in time.

Don't run! Walk, crawl, keep going- every step counts!

The days might come to shock, despite your all efforts;

But who is it that you come home to late in the nights?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rub the sleep out of your eyes

You may go about explaining several things to so many;

But learn from simple people, the skills they teach you.

They might not dream the big dreams you've dreamed,

They may not seem at all, competitively aggressive;

But they know what happiness is to them- respect that!

They know how to live in the now and accommodate.

Accredit them for they exude confidence to perfection,

Thriving with heads held high in a world ready to crush.

Look within yourself; what do you see?

A hard-working self; intelligent and goal oriented?

A sincere, obedient, sensibly-diplomatic job candidate?

A conscientous, reliable, dedicated, caring enthusiast?

And yet, you think that you're not enough?

Monday, August 1, 2011

A life, a bond, a story

For every evil creature in our world that exists,

There is someone right here, that they adore to bits.

For every goodness that you know, in you there is,

It is something you hate in the ones you love most.

For every injustice that ever was meted out unto thee,

There is so much love that it brings tears into thy eyes.

For every blessing upon you, that has been bestowed,

There is a story cutting so deep- it makes you cry often.

Words, sentences, actions can go on to hurt amass;

But that unseen connection there is between your souls?

Tearing through living sheaths of unending grievances,

It speaks volumes in it's silence of you to one belonging.
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