Monday, August 1, 2011

A life, a bond, a story

For every evil creature in our world that exists,

There is someone right here, that they adore to bits.

For every goodness that you know, in you there is,

It is something you hate in the ones you love most.

For every injustice that ever was meted out unto thee,

There is so much love that it brings tears into thy eyes.

For every blessing upon you, that has been bestowed,

There is a story cutting so deep- it makes you cry often.

Words, sentences, actions can go on to hurt amass;

But that unseen connection there is between your souls?

Tearing through living sheaths of unending grievances,

It speaks volumes in it's silence of you to one belonging.

When slaps echo, your responses hurling through the air,

In your stamping, biting, fuming, beating and arguing,

And carelessly over-stepping every border there was;

Is your heart the only one that tugs at you in your chest,

As it shrinks, shrivels and begs in despair for His mercy?

Or Do you sense the pull at the other end of it all,

Even as it stretches to escape away in child-like angst?

For when you do, know- you have touched your divinity.

The lump in your throat, the magnet drawing you closer;

God might have made for us a weird universe, alright!

But with the love flooding the very insides of your being,

He reached His highest peak- surely, no mistake making.

Sobbing remorse and hungry guilt in darkness no cure is;

Let emotions breathe, intertwinning your souls in Light.

God hears you, He feels you and knowingly forgives.

Don't be ashamed of raging fury that arose, dying softly;

Give abundant thanks for His messenger that came,

Calming your mind with His soothing balm of wise rain.

Cherish the love, the purity- sheer beauty that engulfs,

When no words are spoken, no movement ever made;

When two souls just are and all is serene once again.


iZaynab said...

This brought a creepy smile to me face as iRead it.
Really loved this one ~ ! !

mayen said...

fabulous.. i love blog writer. thanks for always inspiring us. :)

melody-mae said...

you amaze me, your writing is beautiful!

kayren said...

your words are sooo deeep i can almost feel my neurons straining to decipher codes! hehe. interesting post!(;

haze said...

God hears you, He feels you and knowingly forgives.

Oh, I really adore this :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Zaynab:

For a change, creepy is good!! :D Haha! Thank you, my lady!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Mayen:

Can I just say, "Thank you" for always reading me? Thank you!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Melody:

:) Okay, I'm blushing now! Haha! (taking a bow, hun!)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Kayren:

Isn't that cool? To be able to write for people to read, yet envelop it such that not too many would care to figure it out?! Okay, weird, I know; but sometimes, that little veil protects your vulnerability. :)

p.s. I can tell that you figure out more than most. I like that!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Haze:

I know! Isn't it so amazing and liberating just to know that? Sigh. We're trying to be better versions of ourselves- so, all IS well! :) :)

haze said...

ahhhh... yes! all is well. and it should always be that way, no? hehe! :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I see where you're hinting, girl! Ahem! Yes, all ought to be well always! ;)

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