Saturday, January 21, 2012

... In the root Of One Heart ...

How many do you know that'd take rejection with understanding?

How many would think of your upliftment still?

How many would continue to be friends of yours?

How many would shower you with their unconditional love?

I know of someone who loves me still;

I feel Him talking to my heart,

I hear Him teaching me where to cut corners,

I find Him asking me to look beyond-

At the greater good, at understanding, at forgiveness, at kindness.

Monday, December 19, 2011

EXPLORE- your insight didn't end with Columbus!

Life is odd only when you have the time to think about it.

One person's carelessness, someone else's characteristic madness,

A third's fumbling mood swings or yet another's forgetfulness??

What makes the spokes on the wheels of your life turn and why?

There's someone you're ignoring and somebody else ignoring you,

There are times you want to talk, at times you do little but run;

Yet, we go through the routine, one eventful day at a time.

What makes us last this long? What blends cheer into cruelty?

Sometimes you pine to do things, but let a tiny thought stop you;

The thought is one translating, fear to reality before it is born.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mopping up the dance floor- to shine!

A smile can come from tragedy,

Guilt can come from misery,

Irritation can come from sanity,

Freedom can stem from impulsive activity;

Yet, the leap can seem too much.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riding with an axe in the handle? Hold on!

In the palm of each soul, unfolds a brand new story;

The radiance in each face, singing verses of His glory.

How, when, in what and why we're different,

No mortal can think and tell;

Yet, in one heart lie our roots,

The deepest depth of our shell.

When petals go on to bloom,

And their sweetness go on to lose;

Who is it that staunchly objects,

Beautiful dew instead to choose?

Who is it, in innocence, suffering their several pricks?

Who reflects back the meanness spewing in their kicks?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Light has come searching

There are perspectives we have and those we find,

You see truth in both, appealing to the mind;

Struggles in yours that wholly define,

Unthinkable feats in theirs that'll bring out shine.

What will you choose today and why?

Glory waits for you to hatch out and touch the sky.

Madness is what they might set out to see,

Let the craziness in you flow;

At least you'll know your soul danced free,

Why cringe, why hide- just let your spirit glow!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being captain of the ship that sails still...

I want to be all I can be and more, in each of my days;

Yet, I wish so strongly, to forget not my peace,

His Presence filling magic in silent star-lit nights.

The two faces of mine don't seem to match at all;

I know they're mere versions of me,

Why then search for any of them, why call?

Reading the uncertainty stemming from familiar faces,

I look knowingly, only to step away further, faster;

What is it about diversions making sure I'll last longer?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Struggling to breathe? It's EASY.

We've all got an ego- a teeny, tiny, nasty one.

How would you react if life asked you to get rid of it?

The task isn't easy, nor is the picture of our lives rosy.

Your empty head may give you a false sense of security,

It may seem like your only living lifeline;

Yet, reality bites as it draws you into it's hollow well.

Take pride in being you.

You aren't only who you might be someday.

You aren't a pale picture of the skeletons in your closet.

You are you- today, now, here- YOU are beautiful.
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