Monday, December 19, 2011

EXPLORE- your insight didn't end with Columbus!

Life is odd only when you have the time to think about it.

One person's carelessness, someone else's characteristic madness,

A third's fumbling mood swings or yet another's forgetfulness??

What makes the spokes on the wheels of your life turn and why?

There's someone you're ignoring and somebody else ignoring you,

There are times you want to talk, at times you do little but run;

Yet, we go through the routine, one eventful day at a time.

What makes us last this long? What blends cheer into cruelty?

Sometimes you pine to do things, but let a tiny thought stop you;

The thought is one translating, fear to reality before it is born.

And still, something inside you, reason ceases to see- adamant,

Not wanting to lose it's freedom- Who now found for it, it's voice?

You're surrounded by piles of undone chores, jobs to complete,

All you really want and do is rest, throwing upwards your feet;

When your sense of responsibility storms, making you scrub hard,

It's throwing around its weight- What makes you listen and obey?

What is it that works better than a cane thrashing your back?

What gives to you your goal, your purpose when starting to slack?

When you're picking yourself from the dumps, figuring about life,

You're probably at the brink of something special;

Maybe, you'll now stumble upon your diamond in the sand,

Maybe, you'll fly spaceships leading to a whole new clan,

Maybe, you'll leap across oceans from far atop the mountain,

Maybe, you'll simply cycle through alleys, deep in the wild sea.

Nobody can fill the void that grows in your heart from emptyness;

Find passion- your magic, your dance form, an art, your music.

Feel the fire rising from within the very depth of your soul,

Taste it's hunger, it's raw desire, to overcome all it was told;

Solve the quests within you, unanswered, challenging you to try,

There ain't no road to travel, strapping a comrade for time to fly.


Sarah (Nikki) said...

this is so true what you're awesome...amazing...and an inspiration.

Of One Heart said...

Nikki, thank you for your comment! :) It gave me what I've needed!!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

I love this new header. It feels like so much of my life at times. Hoping your Christmas is going well.

haze said...

And you've changed your lay-out! Hehe. (sorry for being such a kid.) I adore the new template and the background is amazing.

I miss your inspiring words. <3

Of One Heart said...

@ Nikki:

You're a fighter, Nikki. You're my inspiration. I hope the New Year fills your heart with lots of love, happiness, peace, smiles, tears of joy and pure contentment!

Of One Heart said...

@ Haze:

Darling, don't apologize for being cute! Thank you for making me giggle with pride! ;) Big big big hugs!

mayen said...

I love the new look of your blog... Oh this post made me hopeful and even motivated to follow my dream. Happy new year my dear friend.. :)

Of One Heart said...

:) Mayen, this year will be full of your dreams dancing their way to reality. I feel it in my heart. Plod on, friend!


Flying high in the sky.... said...

lovely!!! beautiful!!! inspiring!! positive :) ...great start for a new year blog read!!! thank you buddy !

Of One Heart said...

Sometimes, Sush, I'm not sure you're talking about me. Thank you for being so awesome always!


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