Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mopping up the dance floor- to shine!

A smile can come from tragedy,

Guilt can come from misery,

Irritation can come from sanity,

Freedom can stem from impulsive activity;

Yet, the leap can seem too much.


Victories have a harrowing past,

Adventures have within them stories that last,

Your deepest vows have an insight so vast,

Will-power possesses strength to race you ahead fast;

Yet, you slip time and again.


Thoughtless doing brings you gain,

Mindful planning brings with it intense rain,

Stepping on broken shells brings pain,

The right time and space makes all effort seem vain;

Yet, your faith falters.


You have all of your answers;

You know how far to jump,

You know you'll find your grip,

You know of prayer from practice.

Just hold on to familiarity!





haze said...

i just gave you an award, lovely!

Of One Heart said...

Ah, Haze! I'm glad you're back to form. :) Coming right up!!


Chari T. said...

Nice one! I fancy writing too :p

Forever Nineteen

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