Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riding with an axe in the handle? Hold on!

In the palm of each soul, unfolds a brand new story;

The radiance in each face, singing verses of His glory.

How, when, in what and why we're different,

No mortal can think and tell;

Yet, in one heart lie our roots,

The deepest depth of our shell.

When petals go on to bloom,

And their sweetness go on to lose;

Who is it that staunchly objects,

Beautiful dew instead to choose?

Who is it, in innocence, suffering their several pricks?

Who reflects back the meanness spewing in their kicks?

Pieces of the pond, when begin to bleed;

Who tidies up the water,

Getting Heavens to seal the leak?

When our cup with injustice overflows;

Who throws that dash of yellow,

To brighten what is bleak?

Today, I have no answers,

Only questions to ponder over and ask;

Knowing, I've been led by prayer,

Random repetition that got me through the task.

As minutes of the day continue to pass by,

A soothing balm appears,

Healing hurts that threatened to cry;

Dedicated warriors returning from battles hard-fought,

Still wondering-

Whoever their blood-stained slate to wipe clean taught?

The fury seems gone, kindness exploding,

All it took was a hug, some genuine understanding.

Did the wrong get undone?

Maybe not as one would have liked.

But was the goodness rewarded??

For sure, despite every evil that purposefully spiked!

A warm, sunshiney-bright day,

Need come not always in an expected way;

Look out for showers of blessings in cold nights,

Moist greenery making up for plump bundles of hay! ;)


haze said...

I miss the inspirational messages, V!

haze said...

p.s. I miss YOU actually!

haze said...

p.s. I read my comments on your previous posts and I realized all i ever said is that "i miss you"! haha. I'm sorry, V.

And somehow i feel at ease now that you had the strength to publish the comments. As if you were coming back to the fullness again.

You are wonderful!

mayen said...

I wish someday i can write something like this. Singing for Him really makes us all light up. It's wonderful praising him. :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

i wept....

Of One Heart said...

@ Haze:

Okay, you know what? I published these comments in time just because it lets you know I'm doing okay. :)

Haze, I miss all the blogging we both did everyday, but life catches up with us, huh?! We'll remain special friends and we'll both still blog when we can. You continue to post a lot more than me, I agree- which is fabulous! I guess I'm beginning to relish reading you girls so much more now that it makes up for the loss I felt when I didn't write!

I really hope what you're dealing with passes quick and that the hurts fall softer.

Big warm hugs!


Of One Heart said...

p.s. Don't miss me! I'm right here and I'm here to stay. ;)

Of One Heart said...

@ Mayen:

Hun, YOU write beautifully. You're a professional now and I ought to be ducking in embarrassment! Haha! Just keep writing like you because you're fun AND fabulous!! ;) You know that! If not, take it from me!

Of One Heart said...

@ Sush:

The day I wrote this, penning this was all that kept me from weeping, but that's a distant memory now. Have I told you about how I have these posts written down on random bits of paper, waiting to be typed on another hopefully-energetic day? Those emotions just don't remain the same later and I just shelve these posts longer; but I guess with this one, the delay did me justice!

Sush, goodness wins always, in one way or another. Don't cry!



Of One Heart said...

p.s. Cute new profile picture!

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