Friday, January 14, 2011

Eye-opening? Well, it's NEW!! :) :) :)

Welcome to a brand new phase of your life! :)

You know that this will have a happy ending, too.

Don't get so comfortable with the change that you find it hard to budge when it is time to move again!

Oh no, that statement wasn't only to pep you up.

You will really like what is happening.

It is a default function every being in the universe was born with. :)

I promise you-

No one is going to feel bad when the characters in your life-story change in their order of importance.

Life will continue springing surprises at each of you.

Enjoy it for the fun of it!

If you look at change morosely, that is exactly how it will treat you.

Gel well.

Change will appreciate finding a true friend in you.

Cherish the good scenes from each chapter.

You will love the collage that forms then.

YOU are the main character in this film.

That is why it is "your" life.

What makes it awesome is "you".

You've got a beautiful heart.

Love yourself!!

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