Sunday, February 20, 2011

You think you're a FAILURE?

There is something that you are clearly the best in.

And then again, there is something that you cannot seem to do.

Does that mean you are limited in your capabilities?


Don't let yourself feel like a loser/quitter/no-good person ever!

Is there something that is posing as a challenge for you?

It's time to fold up your sleeves, roll in the mud and get dirty then. ATTACK!

Show the little measly thing that YOU are a power to reckon with!

You ARE going to be a CHAMPION in this field.

Let go of your inhibitions. Binding roadblocks can never be your true friends.

Visualize yourself stabbing your victory flag into the ground. See the fire in your eyes. Notice your smile that says you knew this moment would come all along.

Wait for it to turn true.

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