Sunday, February 27, 2011

REVENGE is a sweet, SWEET thing!

Remember the one person who hurt you the MOST in your life??

No, I'm not about to rip those old scars open.

I'm about to give you the peace that you've been seeking forever since.

Go back in your mind to all the hurt he/she caused you.

Relive it.

Relive it in the greatest detail.

HEAR their voice.

SEE the deceit in their eyes.

Watch them as they fabricate lie after lie after lie...

WITNESS them as they manipulate.

FEEL the blood curdling in your body.

Let all of your ANGER come to the fore.

Listen to your HEART pounding.

Experience the burning within.

Clench your FISTS.



Punch hard. Harder. Then again...

Punch until you can't identify their face.

Punch until you feel your body loosen up.

Allow them to scamper, fall, limp, cry, bleed and attempt to run- all in fear.

Let them live.

Watch your EXPRESSION.

See the glint in your EYES.

Notice your heart-felt smile.

They aren't the same- It's true.

They hurt because they don't have YOU.

Even sadists need a victim.

They might find a replacement, but the fact is-

Without YOU, they ARE incomplete.

They always will be.

Feel peace.

Move on.

You deserve better!

FAR BETTER. :) :) :)

1 comment:

Jodie-Ann said...

I seriously love this post. It made me feel SO MUCH BETTER :D Thanks for this :) I'll make sure to use this more often.

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