Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stick your nose to the grindstone

You can always dream big dreams.

But their success depends on YOU.

Their fruition depends on your current choices.

Temptations are small, petty and short-term.

It is a given-

They won't excite you when you've spent yourself out.

I am not trying to take the joy of living away from you.


Take risks.

Learn your life lessons in your own time.

Choose for yourself.

Take a decision.

Weigh your desires.

If the tiny temptations win-

Splurge your time, money and your dreams on them.

No one is going to stop you.

But if your goal is truly important to you-

If you think your destination will change your entire life,

If the long-term rewards for your pain suit you better;

Let the frivolousness of your disappointment pass.

Only then, you will too.

This is a fact.

Digest it. Assimilate it. Absorb it. RETAIN it!

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