Monday, July 25, 2011

Orientation helps

It's hard to start from scratch, a journey you'd once quit;

But I'm a tough girl and I know I can win if I want to.

Today, while at the temple, I said my usual prayer,

And then waited, as always, to hear God's reply to me;

Three-quarters of the wisdom here, I receive from Him.

Somebody once told me that humans are too intelligent,

That they manage to believe whatever they want to;

So, God could very well be a made-up proposition-

A legend someone created to lighten their own heart.

I wondered as I sat there, if it was me I've always heard;

And so, I debated on and off, arguing, taking sides.

In the process, I felt like I was being questioned;

"Do you believe in me?"

Or "Do you think there is nothing above yourself?"

I stuttered back, keeping my madness quotient in check,

"I believe in you- I'd rather believe I'm protected, loved,

And cared for forever than feel all the confusion myself.

But I need to look out for me, too, don't I?

I need to work on my life before my time is gone."

All I could still hear was, "Do you believe in me?"

I thought for a while, saw the lesson in there and said,

"Yes, but what if my dreams and destiny differ?"

"Who do you think planted those dreams in your head?

Why do you think you're being led in this direction?"

When those words hit me, I felt instant peace.

It's difficult, but I choose to believe in Him.

I choose to believe that my life has a true purpose;

That I'm being guided and I just need to walk along.

I am grateful for a burden being lifted off me, today.

Waiting is sad, but hoping is fun- I can, I will, I am.

Goodness begets goodness and I know I'll get my due.

Have faith, for it brings with it sincere liberation;

It gives you strength when you have no answers at all,

It mends your wings, heals your scars, touches your soul,

And gets you to soar higher than you'd ever imagined.

It's good to be back home to peace, love and Light! :)


iZaynab said...

A really wonderful post, as always ~

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

I'm jealous of you because you have so much faith in God. :o

Noelle said...

God IS real chica...don't ever forget that! love you!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Zaynab:

Thank you. I'm glad to find your comments. (taking a bow!)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Jodie:

You do, too. I know you do, too. :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Noelle:

Ah! I need that once in a while push, you know? You know... :)

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