Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunny side up! ;)

Life is easy.

Success, fame, adulation, power, money;

It'll all be yours, if you truly want it.

We pile ourselves with so many expectations;

And fall flat on our faces, if nothing comes off it.

When a storm blows your bright umbrella backwards;

You most certainly don't need a new one right then.

Turn it around and steady it against the wind;

It's about trial and error, planning and persisting.

Today is a new day.

Don't carry with you the negativity of past failure.

Look at yourself through someone else's eyes;

Through the eyes of true love, if you will.

What does this person think of you?

Let the rain of their positivity flood your mind.

Notice the appreciation they have for your talents.

Ease your fears just as they would, if they knew.

Be confident.

YOU are a charming, vivacious, energetic individual.

Anything that you set out to accomplish, you do!

Struggling to achieve only to prove to others is pathetic;

Don't subject yourself to such insane trauma.

The war is still on; you're still controlling the reins.

You're capable of so much more than what you think.

Keep your faith guarded.

Your honesty will take you places.

Listen to your Lord when He says, He has a plan.

You've only got to keep walking.

Hold on to the railing and pull yourself up.

Keep pulling, keep trying, keep enduring, keep wanting.

The gates will open up, a hand will reach out to you;

You will be rescued and dragged up there to safety.

Focus- glue your eyes onto the target.

You have your pluses; throw light on them.

Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try. Try.

Try harder; it's easy given your potential.

Let's give it our best shot, today, shall we?


Anonymous said...

so true, so true.
we all need positive vibes every now and then <3

p.s. thaaank you sooo much for the message!

rivercat said...

i agree, giving up is to easy. once you prevail you can live off that for awhile and then begin a new challenge after youvev rested!!

wonderful post :)

Jodie-Ann said...

:) Everyday we are given 24 hours to use as we please. So, I agree with you. Make everyday wonderful :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Haze:

:) You're most welcome, Haze!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Rivercat:

:) It's funny how challenges give one the will to live, isn't it?

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

:) 24 productive, lovely hours sound like bliss.

iZaynab said...

♥ > : D Gonna make the best out of today then thank to you ~

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Good luck with that, Zaynab! :)

kayren said...

one of your best posts ever! i love the umbrella bit.. you know when a strong wind blows my umbrella backward, i just close it and when i open it again, its fixed. hehe.. metaphorically speaking, we dont need to easily give up, change our plans, without even finding out if we can still pursue our dream.(;

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Ah! The umbrella was my rescuer from my crazy thoughts when I wrote this as well. I love how you and I like the same lines. :) :)

You really understand what I write, girl; no matter how encrypted I make it sometimes. I love that!!


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