Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What curtain are you hiding behind?

When your devotion becomes too commercialized,

When your passion seems to have suddenly gone amiss,

When you're starting to run away from what you loved,

Pause and reflect.

Is the true cause of your boredom out there?

Or Is it concealed within the layers of your heart?

No, the words you write don't matter.

Even what you say doesn't change anything.

What matters is whether you still feel what you felt.

If you're really living for you,

It won't matter what anyone else thinks or might think.

You'll feel free enough to own your name,

To claim each thing you do and each thing you say,

To stand tall and proudly announce,

"This is me.

This is what I like.

I am not limited to my current interests.

I am so much more than you can ever know.

I want to be everything that makes me happy.

I may not be able to please you each time.

I may not be able to play nice and stay diplomatic.

I may seem like a sore thumb sticking out awkwardly.

But the fact is, this is me and I like being me."

Simple sentences can liberate you.

Your priorities may change with time;

Flow with the change, don't feel guilty about it.

The ones who truly benefit from what you do,

The ones who love you and your work in all sincerity,

Will stay in the same plane, waiting to hear from you.

Instead of blowing your lid out of sheer pressure,

Open the cages you've enforced upon yourself.

Walk free. Walk tall. Glow with pride.

When you feel your love returning back to you,

You'll work wonders without having to try too hard.

It's easy, if you let your talents out in the open.

Breathe for you- be your number 1. :)


Jodie-Ann said...

I feel like this is aimed at me :) Love this post. One of my faves <3

TheBlogWriter8 said...

:) I love when you leave me comments like this. I feel like I got a gold star. :D Haha! Thanks!


Flying high in the sky.... said...

loved it!!! loved it!!! too good!!! you have a soul older than your age.. am proud of you!!

kayren said...

i do that now, you know, to be myself. its the most wonderful treat i could ever give to myself. i don't have to live for anybody. i dont have to limit myself, i am free, no holds barred.(;
be your number 1-- i love that!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Sush:

Hun, you're the strength that eggs me on each time it shows up! I love you for that. :)


TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Kayren:

Firstly, I love the new profile picture!

You are a rock-star, girl! The image I've gotten of you has me in complete awe. :) Keep getting better. You inspire me!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

This is spot on. I really enjoyed reading it. I caught up some on your posts, very inspiring! XO

TheBlogWriter8 said...

:) Now that I'm re-reading it, it totally resonates with you!

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