Saturday, July 9, 2011

The start of a new era

You're late, in a lot of ways.

Don't bother wondering what you've done all along.

You're wasting more time than you can afford to.

Stop trying to backtrack or look up other options.

At the risk of sounding like an irritating monster;

I'll repeat- Stop.

If you want me to put it a little nicer, here goes-

You've been cleaning up the periphery of the heap.

You've been diligently aiming to sweep off the pile.

Now, if we're done with the compliment showering;

Let's get back to business, shall we?

Nothing is lost until you start fluttering in the wind.

Take a deep breath in- it works, is cheap and is quick.

Promise to yourself that you'll make it for sure.

No airy words or huge sentences, please!

I'm looking for grit determination.

Do you notice that today could be a new start for you?

Good- chew up that little detail and retain it.

Take another deep breath- in AND out.

You're doing well.

Chalk out a plan- make it realistic; no failures allowed.

It is easy.

No, it is not the best way to the other side;

But I thought we were over that discussion by now.

You're going to need to stop socializing- do it;

It is a tiny price to pay and no one is going to hate you.

If they do- well, it's their loss, right? ;)

The time you have left is your best friend.

Only YOU can bring Light into your life.

You will because you can and are trying, too;

Just focus better, try harder and stay calmer.

YOU are your only weapon- save yourself for the battle.

No, this isn't military rule, but it is good for you.

I'll simply trust that you'll follow.

My gut knows that you'll make it in time;

But that isn't supposed to make you lax.

Throw yourself headlong into your goal.

These are some of the best moments of your life;

It is up to you to make them the most glorious.


iZaynab said...

This has so many awesome things my brain can not properly process them all at once. You really need to put all of this into a book.
iWould but like 10 copies ~

mayen said...

awww needed this. I feel like everything I planned last year is falling apart. but your right I am my only weapon and I have to do something about it. because nobody will do it for me. thanks. :)

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Empowering post. :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Zaynab:

I bet you understand more than you think you do! You're doing great all by yourself- trust me! :)

Thanks for you comments, girl!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Mayen:

Ugh. That happens to every single one of us, girl. Don't worry. I know you'll get a good hold of the essentials in perfect time! I have the faith.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Jodie:

:) It's good to see you're back, Jodie!

kayren said...

this post is for me. sigh mom and gran and gramps kept bugging me to start practicing my profession in the hospital and i was this lazy bum who didnt want to work at the hospital just yet. but im glad i started applying to hospitals and hopefully by next month, ill be a volunteer nurse in the regional hospital. jeez. volunteer and then i get promoted to staff nurse after a year. it sucks to be a nurse in the philippines..

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Hmm. Hun, I know all too well how that feels. I'm glad we're getting work done- better late than never, eh? :)

All the very best for your hospital search. The volunteer job will still make you feel at home. Somethings just feel right when you do them!

You'll have the work-experience in a bit, anyway. Get going to capture your dreams then. ;)

Madhulika said...

Sometimes finding a blog like yours is like finding yourself..!!I must say.. i really needed this at this point of time :)
wonderful piece of writing..!!
I am definitely following your blog:)
do drop by my blog someday. I'd love to hear from you at

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Haha! I couldn't agree more with your first line. :) Thank you for your nice words!

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