Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be attentive (just for today, maybe?)...

It's 5 am on the last day of June, today;

One half of the year is beginning to end.

I have a coffee cup waiting to cool;

That's just the way I like it.

I find myself wishing, not wanting dawn to come;

But I'm learning to look forward just the same.

I'm eager for dreams to come true,

New happinesses to find, more lives to touch,

Healing to envelop the world and it's people;

I'm making newer promises,

I'm forgiving and sending showers of blessings,

I'm asking God to lead me to Light.

There are many I know who need His Presence;

May the good Lord be with them and guide them.

I'm thanking God for all He has given me,

I'm grateful for His friendship and love;

I'm meditating on the peace I feel within.

Look at life with hope, peek into a fresh lens, today;

It awaits your every command, it wants to enrich you.

Ask and you shall receive;

Have faith and it will multiply.

Spend every minute of this day on yourself.

Do what makes you happy.

I'm going to enjoy this morning with me;

I want to watch the darkness melting into sunlight,

I want to hear the birds talk all at once,

I want to plan a productive day and year,

I want to do so much more than preach!

I'm hoping your day is as special as you are.

Cheers! :) :) :)


Julie said...

Blessing to you too my dear friend. Today was an exquisite day. Time for me, time for mama, time to spend in the garden, time to take a 30 minute nap, time to just be. Just what the doctor ordered. :o)
Take care and have a blessed day.

Jodie-Ann said...

Aw, thank you :) I hope your day is wonderful, too.

kayren said...

Cheers! It's July first already! sigh how time passes by and we seldom notice it.. That's alright, what matters most is that we enjoy every second of our daily existence (;

mayen said...

Yeah it's med year already. I also can't wait to move forward and do good things!!

pEarL said...

My day is so special just like yours blog writer.. this is another post that inspires me.. I will be attentive not only today but everyday of my life..

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Julie:

Aren't those the best days ever? Doctors should really order this stuff all the time! (taking mental note! :D)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

Thanks, girl! It's been a great set of days! :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Kayren:

So true. I'm really taking all the deep breaths I need. Things will fall into place for all of us; there is no other way they can be.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Mayen:

:) Yay for all the good!! When intentions are noble, great things happen!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

@ Pearl:

My sweet girl, I hope things are working out beautifully for you. Stay as happy and things will get more amazing! :)

iZaynab said...

Awesome, Hope your having a wonderful today also then ~
Lets go out & do thing we want to do ♥

TheBlogWriter8 said...

:) Let's do it! Get set, GO!!

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