Saturday, June 11, 2011

Right the wrongs in time for war

You've been allowing the paperwork to scare you.

Realize that you're fumbling and falling in self-doubt.

What are you unsure of?

Do you not work as hard as the others?

Are you not as good at your work?

Why do you think they won't appreciate YOU as much?

Do you think you're less presentable?

Work on it then!

Why visualize an uncomfortable setting?

In considering yourself undeserving, you're being foolish.

The universe gives you exactly what YOU want.

If you think you're a loser, it'll simply nod in agreement.

Step afar from yourself, mentally.

Sit across the table from you.

Scrutinize the discomfort, the shifting in your chair.

Observe carefully the stuttering, the umms, the ahhs.

Watch your tense expressions, your hesitance.

See the PANIC plastered across your face in bold letters.

Do you think nobody notices when you're frozen in fear?

You'll lose because nobody wants to add to your pain.

You think you're strong to be resisting and tolerating?

To be holding on to the plank against the gushing tide?

A true warrior charges forward with bravery and wit.

It is about leading the war, not playing defense.

You've got the same mind the others have.

Wake up from your silly misery.

Rise in your own eyes.

You're working hard.

You MUST succeed.

You deserve to win every single title there is.

Bring out the to-do-lists and your sketch-pens.

Color the world you live in.

Be the YOU that you are in every dream you've seen.

Snatch the interviewer's chair- train yourself!

Fear is for liars, cheaters and deceivers.

Give people a true picture of you- Relax.

Be open to criticism- learning is healthy.

Practice relentlessly.

The goal is right there- Reach out and GRASP it!

Hold on tight.

This victory is YOURS.


kayren said...

Reading your post, I was reminded of this Paulo Coelho quote which I can't get off my head-- "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
I never really understood what it really means..

So when I read this--
"The universe gives you exactly what YOU want.

If you think you're a loser, it'll simply nod in agreement."

I've finally understood.. The universe really gives you exactly what you want. If you think you're a winner, it'll simply nod in agreement..

Sighh.. thank you.. (;

The Blog Writer said...

:) It'll simply nod, yes! My idol has been Louise Hay. Her book "The Power is within You" is just divine. Read it if you can!

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