Sunday, June 19, 2011

You're doing this for YOU

When things go wrong, don't blame someone else.

When you've done more than you could, to better things;

Know that you did them for you, for your mental peace.

Yes, your expectations fall apart;

Your efforts seem wasted and you probably cry, too.

But when you hold back your tears and ask for help,

Set aside the arguing and shouting voices in your head;

Listen- listen to that one true inner voice.

Notice the peace it carries with it.

Think about the one you've fought with; ask yourself-

Has this person ever loved you sincerely?

Have your hearts felt that special connection?

Will you ever be able to let go of them?

If it hurts you, it hurts them, too.

Look beyond the words they speak.

Ignore their actions that don't belong.

They are trapped in a body that cannot comprehend.

They live lives that they have no control over.

Don't beat yourself up for all you do or have done.

Souls are pure.

If the love you share is a soul-connection,

If you know that you don't want to let go;

Love- love unconditionally.

Make yourself so strong that you can nurture them.

Forgiveness is easy when your love is honest.

You aren't condoning or conforming to their behaviors.

You're just learning to focus on their pluses instead.

These individuals aren't the challenges of your life.

Their existence is what makes you "YOU".

Don't hurt back.

Ask God for His mercy.

Your bond is special and it's needs are special, too.

You're blessed with the magic that heals all hurts.

Be the child of God that you are.

Thank Him for choosing you to play this part.

Feel peace, make truce- Grow.

The learning never stops; that is the beauty of it all.


Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, I still have to work on not crying. XD

The Blog Writer said...

:) You're working on it, I know. It'll get better.

kayren said...

'humans are innately good..' that is my mantra every time i meet new people, every time i see strangers.. its so difficult to believe that by i still do anyway. because i know it's true.. yes, i agree.. souls are pure..

The Blog Writer said...

:) I am going to rewire my brain to repeat that each time I meet someone new, too.

Thanks, Kayren!

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