Saturday, June 18, 2011

New beginnings will explain themselves

When you step into too many boats, at once;

It doesn't imply that you're about to drown.

Maybe you're special.

Maybe you'll go on to conquer uncharted territory.

Maybe you're accomplishing every step of a divine Plan.

Maybe you'll teach people to judge less and do more.

Don't clip your wings.

Don't hide your attempts, when you dream of flying.

Fear is for the dishonest, for those who cheat.

Nobody else cares about the secrets you guard.

Do you ponder for hours about theirs?

I don't think so!

Life is too full to give anyone that luxury.

When you feel insecure, exposed, vulnerable or hurt;

Pray, meditate, ask for help.

The angels who nurture you haven't gone away.

Your God still sits by your side, listening to you.

Pay close attention to the beating of your heart;

You'll know this to be true, instantly.

He wants you to think for yourself and decide.

He sees your dilemma.

He notices your stress over non-issues.

Don't ever feel alone.

When your coffee tastes like bitter boiled water,

When you run into pouring rain, to seek shelter;

When the thoughts you're thinking make you lonely,

When you're lost, finding your way back slowly-

He walks with you.

He cries with you.

He attempts to comfort you.

He awaits your consent.

Allow Him to give you a sign, to show you His love.

Go back a step or two; retrace your path.

The answers were right there, glistening in the trail!

He'll always be your best friend, guide and protector.

Feel the peace you've been searching for- it is yours!

Resign to His Presence, His care and His abundance.


pEarL said...

Hi blog writer! I feel a sense of relief while reading this post. Sometimes I feel so insecure and I don't believe in myself. Reading your posts makes me inspired. You're really right. Thank you so much..

Jodie-Ann said...

This is cool :)
Good to know you're not alone.

mayen said...

really nice. i love the last line "Fear is for the dishonest, for those who cheat."

The Blog Writer said...

@ Pearl:

:) Girl, I am so glad that the Light of the Lord reached you. Bask in the sunshine. You're special! You'll deliver results that'll take you to the top. Have faith in all He has to offer.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

:D Cool, it is!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Mayen:

:) That line has kept me going till date. Keep it. It's yours!

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