Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let your soul dance in the spotlight

We're all pretenders, in one way or another.

No, it ain't our fault- society demands it.

I've battled social phobia for long.

I still do.

I sing all day, but not if you ask me to.

I write, shying from the embarrassment of being judged.

"All the world's a stage", Shakespeare quoted.

How do you live then, if you've got stage-fright?

You could take deep breaths.

You could give yourself a pep talk.

You could pace about the place rapidly.

You could faint in the midst of a panic attack.

I pray.

When my hands tremble,

When my breath turns hot and shallow,

When my face twitches in a failed attempt to smile,

When I'm turning red and longing to disappear;

All it takes is a ranting session with the God I know,

A few nasty expressions and my frustration thrown in,

His assurance, His knowing smile, His presence,

His promise to come with me, wherever I may go.

It makes our world a different place.

Here, there is no faking, no hiding in shame, no guilt.

There ain't no snide remarks, no mocking laughter.

I can sing my best. I can write from my heart.

I can walk tall because He becomes my strength.

Do you know how it is to have a friend, so true?

To have a warrior that unfailingly protects?

To have a guide that encourages with faith?

To have someone who loves with pure sincerity?

His touch is yours. His words are yours.

How can you not be your best when His POWER is yours?

Shut out the audience, if the shadows scare you.

Live your life, uninhibited.

You will have set the stage on fire!


kayren said...

hi blog writer! your site is just awesome. (;

thank you for those lovely comments on my posts!

kayren said...

i love this bit: you will have set the stage on fire.. *wink*

The Blog Writer said...

:) Haha! Thanks Kayren! It is sweet of you to visit back!

Undeserving Grace said...

Just what I need to hear some days. There are days my own skin is sufficient but others that I'd rather hide under my covers!
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

The Blog Writer said...

:) It's good to know I'm not alone, yellow paint girl!

Dianne said...

I came because I found you on UNDESERVING GRACE, but I'll stay because I loved your blog.
Dianne @

The Blog Writer said...

:) That is remarkably sweet of you to say, Dianne! I'll take a bow!

kayren said...

hehe.. i really intended to visit back, i was sick for the longest time, havent really recovered yet. it was only this week that i get to check my blog and the comments.. and btw, your default pic is pretty catchy.(;

Jodie-Ann said...

Wow, this really made me think xD

The Blog Writer said...

@ Kayren:

:) Your bubbliness is infectious! Get better, nicer and happier soon. I'd love to read your next review!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie:

You see yourself in there, huh? :D

This is exactly why I tell you you'll be okay. We're all the same and we're okay. :)

Here's a hug to you, Jodie-Ann!

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