Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How does it feel?

How does it feel to step into the ocean and stand?

Do you fear getting sucked in, disappearing into sand;

As it slips swiftly and precariously beneath your feet?

Do you hyperventilate; thinking, now you're surely beat?

Do you cry out loud; struggling, to safety return?

Or Do you relish coarse sand-grains, deftly as they turn;

Gushing in the tide, through gaps between your toes?

Do you embrace the love, feeling the touch that knows?

Do you smell the salty air wafting into your being?

Do you feel oneness with your Maker, within you keying?

Courage could be as strong as one tiny step at a time;

Still your leaping heart- fluttering foolishly in rhyme.

Any harm coming unto you, will retrace at greater pace;

Closing in only to go away, mimicking waves that race.

Nothing will change you and all that you've become,

Clasped in the sea-bed, safe from what may come;

It is your anchor- loyal, devoted, firm and trust-worthy,

Let go in faith, for He knows what is best for thee!

The magic of not knowing, suspense and anticipation;

Sometimes, is far better, than planning and perfection.

Amidst all the chaos, while in this mad race,

Let the blaring music wash over your face;

Tickling your senses, unlocking your laughter,

You'll notice the vanity of what you're running after! :D

A step closer is a proud moment, my friend;

Celebrate your valor- it's been a true God-send!

No! They don't know where you've been,

Nor you know of times they've seen;

Don't judge, disapprove or grow dislike,

We're beautiful souls, us all alike;

Jostling each other, making unfinished attempts to rise,

Our calling will shine, on freeing our hearts of the lies.


haze said...

Oh, the ocean is the one thing i love and fear of at the same time. It's beautiful during the day, blue, sometimes green. But at night, it's black. You can't see where you are stepping. I always dream about it and i don't know why it scares me.

Anyway! Haha! I love the imagery in this post... And yes, my love. We are unique and beautiful most specially you <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) In that, you're exactly like I used to be!

Thank you for being as sweet as you are in your comments! It's always a pleasure when you return!


Jodie-Ann said...

I love the ocean! But sadly, I don't live near one. Just a river. D;
This is so beautiful. Lyrical genius! <3

kayren said...

relish coarse sand-grains, deftly as they turn;
gushing in the tide, through gaps between your toes..

a very simple line but i love it!

reading your posts, im gradually turning into a non-hater.. sighh

mayen said...

very lovely piece of work.

Don't judge, disapprove or grow dislike- love this line.

sarah said...

this is so beautiful....I love standing near the ocean....hearing it's roar....feeling it's strength and power. It always inspires me to want to reach for my walk into those places that are scary....but excilerating. love your writing....through it....I hear your heart...and your heart is awesome.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie: Living near a river sounds very fairy-take like to me. The ocean can be choc-a-bloc, the river can flow for just you. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Kayren:

Hun, that was my favorite line, too. I'm going to celebrate your comment! Cheers to you and I growing into better people! :)


The Blog Writer said...

@ Mayen:

Thank you so much, my dear girl. I really appreciate it!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Nikki:

:) Haha! On reading your comment, my smile stretches out to reach my eyes. I'll think of you and what you've said, here, whenever I visit the ocean next.


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