Monday, June 13, 2011

Take a walk along the beach of life

Look closely at your relationships.

Each bond has a story; a love that cannot be re-created.

Examine the strands you're holding in your hands.

Gently caress the care, the goodness and the kindness.

Maybe you're blocking some paths, unwittingly.

Maybe you're gripping tightly, the key to your life.

Maybe you're hindering another's growth and freedom.

Open your clenched fist and let go.

Let the hurt, the mistrust, the anger flow.

Feel the love radiating from your heart.

Give freely your forgiveness, your hugs and your smiles.

See it all seeping into space; touching countless lives.

Watch yourself being filled with unexpected happiness.

You're engulfed in an endless tide of love and friendship.

May every person you've cherished, go on to flourish.

Bless their lives with abundance, joy and nurture.

Pray for their struggles to melt with ease.

May they be protected always by a circle of His light.

Send healing energy as a token of your appreciation.

Let the gratitude you feel free the wings of your soul.

Open the windows to your heart; dust the cobwebs.

Love never ends, just like the air we breathe doesn't.

Ventilate your mind; extinguish the doubt and fear.

Attract the warmth and friendliness of the universe.

Happiness is the magic awaiting your touch; unlock it.

It is okay to be yourself, to own your identity again.

It is safe to reach out, to share your true feelings.

Clean the pathways of your heart, mind, body and soul.

Believe in the power of your Lord, your Creator.

His strong arms envelop you; His eyes watch over you.

Spread your wings and fly like the seagull in the sky.

Ask and all of your wishes shall be fulfilled!

Know that you deserve everything you seek and more!

:) Love. Be a friend. Share. Give. Seek. LIVE.


mayen said...

As always I am speechless with your work. You are brilliant beyond compare.

The Blog Writer said...

Mayen, you got me to cry!

I am humbled. Thank you. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

How do you think of all these posts?!
They're amazing! <3 Always make my day!
Thank you :)

The Blog Writer said...

Hun, you're the cutest and kindest!

I just write about my life. All of our lives, at any given time, match. That's why they make so much sense to you.

I want to be thanking you for your graceful, genuinely warm comments. Thanks, girl!


kayren said...

Open your clenched fist and let go.. Love never ends just like the air we breathe doesnt.. You always write such lovely compositions! You are so good at inspiring and lifting people up.. Keep the poems coming! (;

Leah said...

I love this one..

"It is okay to be yourself, to own your identity again."

I used pretend to be someone else.. make a facade, in order to defend myself. In the process, I lost myself. But good thing I got my rhythm back.. I still pretend sometimes.. but only if necessary. Usually, I put my HONEST foot forward.. if you don't accept me for who I am, the hell I care about what you think.. LOL.

Nice post! :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...


The Blog Writer said...

@ Kayren:

:) It cleans my heart.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Leah:

:) It helps when you learn to live for you and love it just the same!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Flying high in the sky:

Thank you! :)

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