Tuesday, June 21, 2011

They're right and so are you!

We feel bored, lethargic, sad and confused so often;

It's enlightening when you know YOU can change it all.

I've been reflecting on my past for a while.

I've been thinking about the people who knew me then.

Everybody has varying opinions of me as a person.

And they're right, in all that they're thinking.

I've lived with no self-love for long.

Do I regret things I've said or done? Yes.

But I am definitely, evidently gentler with myself.

I am learning, each day, to appreciate my journey.

Growth, most often, takes you through mucky paths.

It may involve mockery, defeat, self-mutilation or tears.

But you're beautiful when you shine through the dark.

The people from my past may have trouble comparing;

But I know that I can express my true self better now.

It is magnificent what your love can do for you.

It gives you wings, it gives you confidence.

It comforts you and eggs you on like a best friend.

I am able to look at past experiences without guilt.

I know that I am able to meet their gaze with pride.

You may not follow, if you haven't had similar issues.

But for those of you who are there still, battling;

Here is my sincere, heart-felt message for you-

"Don't run away from things, events, people and places.

Your fear isn't out there; it will follow, for it is within.

They aren't mocking YOU- trust me, I know.

They're ridiculing the circumstance;

And they have not the faintest idea of how you feel.

None of them remember the pain, it's pricks or the joke.

You're the one who has let it all live within yourself.

Don't cower down in shame, embarrassment or fear.

Shine bright- it is possible, I assure you.

Let the sunlight warm your face.

Allow your beauty to touch the skies.

Feel the joy there is in being as precious as you are.

Dance like no one is watching because really, no one is!

Sit still for a while and just be.

The peace you experience will help you grow."


Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, yeah you have to love yourself before anyone else will. :)

kayren said...

right you are, the NOW is the only definite thing.

self love is most important, to me. its not wrong to love yourself above others, just not too much.(;

what i remember upon reading your post: Nike saying, "Just do it."
great post!(;

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

:) :) Haha! So true!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Kayren:

:) You're very intellectual, Kayren. I like that!

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