Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Come out and play in the sun

It is so easy to hide behind a pair of glasses, isn't it?

I know what I've always equated that look of mine with.

It helped me look geeky and boring.

I reached out to them everytime I felt unpretty.

The ugliness I felt was not so much about the outside.

It was related to the embarrassment I felt within.

I was embarrassed about every little thing I did.

Things I had said light-years earlier to someone else,

My excessive chatter, Their watchful silence-

It all reverberated in my ears, exploding my head.

I just wanted to melt into the background, literally.

No, I am NOT advocating that behavior to any of you.

It is obviously unhealthy, unloving and self-mutilating.

I tell you this story, today, because-

One day prior to now, it all rose back to the surface.

I felt the same NEED for my estranged spectacles.

I had decided on that veil to protect myself, again.

Progress is a life-long promise you make to yourself.

The graph may dip sometimes, but don't ever stop!

It took me some quiet time to make sense of things.

Battles, hard fought, often leave behind traces.

Your intelligence lies in how you tackle those.

It has taken me awhile to OWN my self-identity.

Yesterday, when I finally did, the shame knocked.

Have I let it stay?

NO way!!

I know now that I own my life.

I am beautiful to me.

The goodness radiating from my heart makes me pretty.

My God protecting me makes me feel safe and loved.

I choose warm water over my coffee when I'm unwell.

I practice forgiveness because it is good for me.

I have learnt to be my best caretaker, friend and guide.

It is a good feeling.

The spectacles can stay in the back drawer!

Each of you out there, take back a message, will you?

YOU are exquisite!

Love yourself.

Love each thing you say and do.

Sincerely, there is none like You, You OR You! :)


The Blog Writer said...

Oh, I realize that a lot of you are probably myopic like I am. I've got to leave you a tip. Google "The Bates Method" and practice it. It is FABULOUS! :)


Jodie-Ann said...

THIS is my fave post! Know why? Because you talk about yourself. :) Which I LOVE <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) I knew in my heart that this comment from you would come. Thanks, hun!

Julie said...

I love reading what's in your heart. Life is hard at times, self doubt is there all the time but you're strong and you're a great woman and you can handle what the world throws at you.
Take care and thank you for stopping by. It's always so great to hear from you.
Blessings my friend.!!!

The Blog Writer said...

Oh, Julie, I am overjoyed to know you visited! :) Thanks so much for being such a good friend! xoxo

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