Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Truths aren't only for diaries

As humans, we learn fast, the art of diplomacy.

We grow up realizing that honesty doesn't matter.

Your relationships begin to matter a lot more.

Everybody's opinion of you takes precedence.

It becomes important to be THE favorite, doesn't it?

Sugarcoating your sentences,

Oohing and ahhing over stuff you don't even care about,

Spending hours of your valuable energy pacifying people,

Convincing them that they're right in all they're doing;

Trivial lies, Impossible-to-maintain friendships,

Hard-earned relationships, A happy puppet-

I'll admit that that was me.

I wouldn't do a lot of what I've done before.

But I am happy that I grew.

I am over those stages only because I passed them.

I am thankful for the understanding I am left with now.

I see how those little things that weren't me, stole me.

Today, I was presented with an opportunity-

A chance to repeat my past.

I knew what the person calling me wanted truly to hear.

People-pleasing is a pathetic habit.

You trade your uniqueness for someone else's shadow.

The good thing is-

Once you're out of it, you'll never want to return!

I might have annoyed the friend and made her bitter,

But the fact is, she hasn't been MY friend.

She befriended a people-pleaser.

Wrong choice, wouldn't you say?

She had to know who she was speaking to, this time.

Telling the truth liberates your soul.

It frees you from your own shackles.

Be firm. Be honest. Say it like it is.


I am proud to finally be me!

:) Your self-image matters more than the whole world.


Jodie-Ann said...

:D This is soo true.

The Blog Writer said...

:) I'll give you a high-five on that!

Noelle said...

The friend I know?

Julie said...

Ummm....Yes and no. I find it uber hard to tell someone something that will hurt their feelings. I skirt the truth some or just ignore the question or opportunity. I know it's not the real me to do that and in the end possible hurting me but I can't stand to hurt anyone else. However I am not always like that, when I have my period I have the truth telling bug and if someone asks me what I think, well I tell them. Not sure why my period gives me the strenght to do that but it does.
So my thoughts on your outstanding post. I love how you can do this for yourself.
Take care and God Bless!!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Julie:

:) To confess to all of that needs guts. That is exactly why you're my friend!

Haha! The truth telling bug made me laugh! You're adorable, Julie!


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