Monday, June 20, 2011

Take control of your life

When things start taking a turn for the ugly,

When your gadgets seemingly give up on you,

When you can't fathom where you're headed,

When you're holding on with all you can;

Know that your life is mirroring your emotions.

You're feeling every single one of those things.

Why? Go figure!

If you can't comprehend your role in any of this though,

Don't worry; this isn't to thrust blame or guilt on you.

Accept and welcome calmness into your life.

What you visualize will definitely turn true for you.

The minor irritations will pass.

Miracles will occur and YOU will bear testimony.

Affirm with faith and belief-

"I am in total control of my life and it's events.

Each day brings me peace, happiness and sunshine.

I am able to execute my tasks with ease and flair.

Every moment is a progressive leap adding to my riches.

My rising self-confidence helps me move ahead faster.

Things simply click and my desires flow just as I like.

I am able to express my love without hesitation.

I am peaceful, gracious and classy in all situations;

This brings out the absolute best in me, always.

Everybody in my life is kind, loving, gentle and noble.

My space is charged with positivity, love and bliss.

I give freely without judging or resenting anyone.

Abundance rains into every segment of my life;

My life is a healing, affirming journey of love."

Repeat these positive words as many times as required.

Let it all sink in.

Each thing you do or say is God in action, it is His word.

You'll believe in you, if you believe in Him.

Goodness will scoop you up and engulf you.

It will cradle you and hoist you on the tallest peak.

Don't lose your temper.

Practice positivity and be ready to receive the best!


Jodie-Ann said...

I have to work on thinking like this. xD

The Blog Writer said...

Hun, we're all learners still learning. :)


kayren said...

the very first thing that came into my mind is this: independence.. i love this particular post! every bit of it!(;

you can publish a book with this amazing positivism!

The Blog Writer said...

:) A book? Haha! Ah! We'll see how that goes. You can do a review for me if I ever write one! :D

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