Thursday, June 16, 2011

Break free- you'll surprise yourself!

It is weird when you always have all the answers;

Yet, you struggle, in the dark, to find yours, isn't it?

You're working on it, but tire out mentally, too soon.

Take a moment's break.

Break away from the anguish, confusion and fear.

I see an inimitable, bright spark in you.

I see your peppy, excited self that craves challenges.

Let it jump up, come to the fore and be the leader!

You've been allowing the shadows to mask your glory.


Permissions are given or denied in YOUR mind.

Bring forth your energy, your wit and your charm!

Section your tasks into tiny bundles with due-dates.

No, you were wrong- this is hardly any work!

YOU are an energy-store of power, talent and skill.

Why reduce yourself, in your mind, to this small pile?

Remember the great things you have done before.

All of that is only a meagre hint of your potential.

You could outdo yourself, each day, for all eternity.

You just need to want it and choose it!

Those who judge you are yet to know you as God does.

Don't let the burden of their words strum your mind.

The weight of those mean occurrances is theirs alone.

Respect your time; do what makes you happy.

Your life is a special journey for your soul.

Don't take the essence of that away from you ever!

The sunbeams will play, if you want them to.

Rainbows, smileys, bubbles, magic and fairy-tales;

They'll all breathe life, if you want them to.

Don't restrict yourself in mind, space or time.

You are infinite, formless and eternal.

You are who you want to be.


Jodie-Ann said...

"You are who you want to be."
Amazing <3

kayren said...

YOU are an energy-store of power, talent and skill.

i love that! in fact, i love every line, each speaks of super positivism and being kind to yourself and being aware of what magnanimous talent or skill you possess that you could impart to the world..

you are infinite. heck, that is what i want to feel. to feel infinite! (;

as always, this is a great post!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

I can always trust you to say good things! :)


The Blog Writer said...

@ Kayren:

Haha! You make me laugh, in a good way! I'm glad this post connected with you. :) :)

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