Friday, March 25, 2011

Be Selfish

When it comes to YOU, demand the best there is.

Nobody is going to advocate justice FOR you.

God gave them themselves to look after.

Being whiny, you're helping no one.

The world will only mock and hurt you some more.

If you feel like a victim today, you're most likely going to remain one forever- unless YOU agree to change.

There is no question that lacks a solution.

But for those that do not want one, there is none.

Where there is the will to find peace, there IS peace.

Value your time.

Everyone will love you to bits as long as you keep doing them favors.

Wake up to the reality of it all!

Try playing role-reversal for a day.

If they run away, you'll have your answer.

Help every other person in sight.

Just don't kill yourself doing it.

Your relationships will be happier, just and satisfying.

Thinking of ending your life??

Remember this teeny-tiny fact-
  • Your friends and family will probably make frantic calls.
  • The paramedics will try to resuscitate you.
  • Everyone might cry for a while.
  • But YOU will be back to square one no matter what world you're in.

Life doesn't get better than it already is.

Treat yourself kindly.

No one can get YOU to value yourself or your life.

Work on you. Only YOU can. Start TODAY.

Your life is precious.

It is worth every last cent there is!


Jodie-Ann said...

This is great for people with suicidal thoughts. I think it's amazing that you posted this. <3

The Blog Writer said...

Thanks Jodie! :) I really value your regular comments.

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