Sunday, March 20, 2011


You've been growing better with each passing day.

You now have people reaching out to you.

They need your presence and support.

  • Do you find your vision turning into a blur?
  • Are you panicking in self doubt??
  • Is your breathing rapid and shallow?
  • Do you feel unable to focus on even one of those many pending tasks?

Alright then! Sit.

Firstly, it IS okay.

It really is.


You're not used to this, are you?

Well then, START getting used to it.

Start liking it even.

People need you BECAUSE you are good.

You're fabulous at your job.

Do you remember that you wanted to be famous?

Don't turn the universe away when it is knocking at your doorstep.

You don't have to do anything.

You don't need to change who YOU are!

These people love, respect and admire "YOU".

Look at yourself through their eyes.

Take a long, nice, deep breath in.

Feel safe.

Be yourself.

Go back to doing what you were doing.

Focus your vision.

See the blur giving way to clarity and definition.

Visualize the lens zooming in- on YOU.

This is the only part of the world YOU are in charge of.

Concentrate on you.

Feel the familiar territory.


This is home.


Make a fist.


Look up at your audience.

They're awaiting your response.

See them smiling back.

Feel confident.

Go about continuing your job.

It's easy.

You CAN.

Nothing changed- See?

It's only "your" perception of you that did.

Love yourself.

You're the best there is!


haze said...

"You've been growing better with each passing day.
You now have people reaching out to you."

someday, i want to look at the mirror and tell myself these exact beautiful words... cause someday, i'll be better... and someday, people will reach out for my hand :) thanks, bw!

p.s. since i don't know your name, can i just call you bw. the blog writer is kinda long. haha :)♥


Jodie-Ann said...

This can really help with my confidence level. It's amazing :D

G said...

very uplifting

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

My girl, I want you to realize that people reach out to YOU all the time and that is because you're a good, kind and loving person.

As for growing, we grow everyday. That's the charm. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

Thumbs-up! I like the attitude!

The Blog Writer said...

@ G:

:) Thank you!

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