Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your attitude is the answer

There is something that troubles you.

You've been trying to solve it for years now.

You would have given up.

BUT your heart wills you to TRY.

It knows that you will find the cure.

Your heart is right- the solution exists.

Watch your attitude towards your task.

Are you showing signs of having lost?

Are you fearing about the worst happening??

Erase your negative thought patterns.

The universe reads your mind and body language.

Act like a winner.

Walk tall and be proud of your success.

Hear the compliments you continue to get.

Feel your cheeks aching because you can't stop smiling.

Take pride in the respect everyone gives you.

You have made the miracle happen!

Visualize your task-status graph having shot up- see it peaking.

Hear the buzzers proclaiming "Top Score"!! :) :)

Thank God for His abundant blessings.

Snap back to your current state.

Now, look at your problem.

Imagine it to be an impenetrable disc.

Are you going to give up?

No way!

Chew away from the periphery.

Go all around the disc, chewing furiously.

The more you focus, the more certain your victory.

Nibble until you've reached the central core.

YOU have tackled the maze!

YOU have done it!

Smile. :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

perhaps i will, dove... :)
thanks for posting this :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) You're welcome!

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