Monday, March 21, 2011

The Messiah is You

Today, I saw an ad asking to sponsor a child.

There were photos of children, a few days old to those in their teens, to choose from.

It ached my heart.

How does your helplessness help anyone??

YOU are a messenger from God.

He has a lot of expectations from You.

He clothes you.

He feeds you.

He gives you people who love you.

He takes care of you.

You are His investment in a world that cries for a Savior.

Within you lies the key to abundance for everyone.

He blessed you with SEVERAL talents.

Utilize every last one.

No matter how old you are- YOU matter.

Pray to God and ask Him to help you.

  • Volunteer at a local hospital, an old age home or an orphanage.
  • Save a dollar, one rupee, anything- each month. Donate it to someone who might need it more than you do.
  • Feed a few grains to the birds outside your house.
  • Bless your food. I like to pray, asking God to feed the hungry everywhere.
  • Listen to someone who needs to vent.
  • Meditate for world peace.
  • Educate people to conserve resources. Saving is gaining.
  • Act responsibly. Think twice before you decide to bring a new life into the world. You want the best for this child.
  • Take your medication on time. It'll contribute to a disease-free world.
  • Be nice to your classmates. Mental trauma could kill without your knowledge.
  • Smile. It spreads in epidemic proportions.

Do something.

When you do it for God, only the best happens.

Our world is a beautiful, loving space.

We just need to scrub the surface a little.

Thank you for making it shiny and squeaky-clean. :)


Lemmiwinks said...

great background on this, bro!

Anonymous said...


when i was in elementary, i have a very simple goal in life.. that is to be happy.
in high school, i promised myself to make someone happy, at least once a day... and when i get rich someday, i'll help the poor and donate in an orphanage...

thanks for making me REMEMBER this dream, darling!

Moob said...


The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

Haze! The point of the post was that you do NOT have to wait till you are rich. Your talent, yourself, your kind acts are all worth their weight in GOLD!

The world is nicer because of your thoughts. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

This is a great post. I do most of the things in that list, lol. XD And I find it so interesting that you guys use rupees. Just the name: rupees. It's fun to say XD

The Blog Writer said...

:) I'm glad you're working on it!

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