Sunday, March 13, 2011

Would You like YOU???

So, there's someone who you think doesn't quite like you?

Well then, there always is a solution to everything and it's time we found yours. :)

Sit with yourself and think.

This time, think- not as the victim, but as the person in question.

  • Do you talk to them the way you would like them to talk to you?
  • Are you nice every single time? or Do you punish them back instantly?
  • Are you friendly and warm? or Do you talk less/run away/try too hard to please them?
  • Are you confident of yourself when in front of them? or Are you a doormat/a pushover/their screaming board?
  • Do you put your best foot forward like you'd do at an interview? or Do you cringe in self-doubt?
  • Do you go out of your way occasionally to put them at ease? or Do you avoid their calls when you're around?
  • Do you let them feel important to you? or Do you anticipate their hurtful words/actions at every encounter?
  • Have you let them meet the real you ever? or Have you roamed around them with an impenetrable cloak to protect your vulnerable side always?
  • Have you shared your happinesses with them like you would have with your loved ones? or Have you waited to tell them last, out of social obligation?
  • Did you share their burdens? or Did you act like a guest while at their house?

If it matters to you enough to think about it at every mention of their name or anything even remotely connected to them, TACKLE IT.

This is a battle.

Show everyone that YOU are a winner in the true sense.

Your greatness lies not in gaining appreciation from those who will love you anyway. It lies in tactfully understanding the ones that repel you and in gaining their trust and loyalty.

As for the hurt- They probably have been thinking the same thoughts as you.
Remember that no one is bad at heart.
I know that I am going to do this exercise for my inner-peace.

Care to join me?


haze said...

aw, i love this post.. got me thinking. haha... :)♥

thanks for the inspiration, dove! you are a wonderful soul.

Jodie-Ann said...

I will definitely do this :D

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