Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wondering HOW to start??

That's wonderful!

The fact that you're even thinking about it IS half the battle WON already.

But here's the glitch.

Nobody wants just 50% marks when they can get 100%, do they?

I thought not!

Personally, I've been at that stage for what seemed like forever and I'm glad God implanted enough sense into my head to get me moving forward.

Form a time-table.
Drop everything you're doing this very minute and chalk out a plan.

Organize your day.

It's important.

If you're not convinced yet-

Think of all the times in your day so far when you've been thoroughly motivated to do something, only to start and find yourself feeling
  • too sleepy
  • way too tired
  • unduly stressed about the time it's all going to take to complete
  • unable to concentrate on the task at hand
  • or lost and wondering about how to cure your newly developing headache.

Have you found yourself
  • trying to douse your complicated thought process with a shot of espresso
  • taking solace in comfort-food about 5 minutes through the beginning
  • or deciding to take a break to watch some TV and clear your thoughts??

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, trust me- You ARE the ideal candidate!

Tame yourself.

It is really, truly, sincerely worth it!

Make sure you come back and tell me when it all starts to fall into place immediately after! :) :)

Good luck!


Jodie-Ann said...

I need to definitely plan my day better. Lol. XD

The Blog Writer said...

:) Thumbs-up!

Anonymous said...

haha... i'm always sleepy, tired, stressed out, and cannot concentrate... geez. i need to change. haha. thanks for the reminder, darling!♥

The Blog Writer said...

Haha! You're hilarious! You and I might have had a connection there! ;)

Anonymous said...

@BW, haha... yeah. i think we'd be great friends! i would love to sit on a coffee shop or walk under the sun with you and just talk about everything. i think that would be great! :))

The Blog Writer said...

Haze, my dear, I just might take you up on that offer someday if I'm in the vicinity. :) Cheers!

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