Monday, March 28, 2011


How often do you do things without wanting to?

How often do you let the barriers of right and wrong rule your existence?

God gave us free will with reason.

He hurts when you hurt.

He feels your fury.

He feels your pain.

He wants to free you, but He needs you to want it, too.

Help God to help you.

Don't let the moral police bind you.

It is your life to live, not theirs.

Don't let anyone else make your decisions FOR you.

These are your troubles, not theirs.

No one will understand them the way you do.

When you need the strength, you will find it.

All of that God can give, He just needs your consent.

If you know someone who is trying to set themselves free, the least you can do is to stand beside them.

Don't hinder their freedom.

Your heart might break for them.

You might want to come up with a solution.


You have no idea what they are going through.

Send them healing energy.

Bless them with love.

God has a beautiful plan for each of us.

No one needs to be afraid.

Stay close and watch the Plan unfolding.

Have faith in Him.

HE will see each of us through to the end and beyond.

He will- find peace in that knowledge.

May the good Lord bless and keep you.


Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, I'm not very religious. xD But this is cool for people who are :D

The Blog Writer said...

Haha! Your candor made me laugh~! :D

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