Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get going!

What should you be doing today to fulfill your goals tomorrow?

Do what you're putting off.

Fake the excitement if you must.

Would YOU rather fool temptation or would you have it deceive you??

Drink your coffee. Eat your chocolate.

Do whatever it takes.

There is no excuse for failing in your efforts.

Take your laziness and throw it out of the window.

You can't have dreams you do nothing about.

That's just being a loser.

You think you're more than that?

Prove it.

A hard-worker is smarter than an intelligent sleepyhead.

You have it in you to win.

Do justice to yourself.

You've had a dip, but you can gallop again.


Splash some cold water on your face.

YOU are responsible for what you're going through.

If you want something to change-
  • get up
  • sit upright
  • decide to take action
  • and be done with it.

Stop thinking.



Jodie-Ann said...

YES! *begins typing story furiously* XD

iZaynab said...

FoShoo ~ ! ! > : D

The Blog Writer said...

:) Go, girls!

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