Saturday, March 26, 2011


How many hours/day do you spend on the internet?

For most of us, it has become an uncontrollable, overpowering urge to-
  • complete reading every last article we're subscribed to, even if our lives were at stake.
  • befriend increasing numbers of people on every social networking site there is.
  • derive praise from someone we may not really know, but are certain we do.
  • pour our hearts to complete strangers and seek the love we can't seem to give ourselves.
  • go back to them each day lest our online **friends** feel ignored.
Do you feel remorse every single time??

Try sitting with yourself for a while, today.

Eat a meal alone and focus only on your food.

God is here to give you everything you may need.

Enjoy some silence with Him.

Surrender to the fact that He IS blessing you with abundance in every aspect of your life.

Feel your burdens lifting away.

Life is good.

You don't need to struggle.


Undeserving Grace said...

Oh how true this is. I have a personal rule that how many ever minutes I spend on the computer I have 2 spend 3x the amount of time doing something productive such as cleaning or reading His Word...otherwise I feel i'm merely wasting time as ironic as it sounds. Great post. But thanks for taking the time visit me :) I know there a trillion choices you have so I appreciate your company and support!
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

The Blog Writer said...


I am going to follow that rule of yours, too! Wow, it makes the situation so much better! Thanks!

G said...

I spend about three hours a day...
Actually I sound like a secret alcoholic it's probably double that lol...but a lot of it is through work

The Blog Writer said...

:) This made me laugh!

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