Saturday, March 12, 2011

You know those times when we dread little things every single day??

It could be an exam.

It could be labor pain.

It could be talking/meeting with someone who gives you a hard time.

Or it could be something as silly as a pet peeve you may have.

Picture this.

I was eating a late breakfast on the couch with my feet planted on my Mother's lap, when she got the newspaper out to show me an article.

I found myself waiting with growing paranoia for the paper to brush against my feet, which I hate happening.

Well, guess what? It finally did happen.

Anticipating what you don't want to happen is wrong.

This time though, I didn't mind it as much.

The article carried a picture of airplanes and cars being washed out by the tsunami in Japan, yesterday.

I want you to know that I'm not preaching on this blog.

I am in fact learning, with you.

Life as you know it right now IS rosy.

Wake up to the POWER that exists within you.

The exam, the child-birth, the school project, the job interview, your daughter's wedding, your health, your sanity, the life that you want... whatever it may be, know for sure that it is ALL imminent because life only gives you what YOU CAN handle.

It is a good life.

The aim is not to learn from someone else's misery.

It is to let God feel acknowledged for all the goodness He puts in our paths.

Every time you feel sick about a situation, take the time to send some healing energy around the globe.

It'll give you the courage to face your battles because you will have sent support to someone else in their hour of need.

Do good.

Feel good.

May the good Lord bless and keep you.


Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, I really need some courage to face all my battles. :) Thank you!

The Blog Writer said...

:) May God bless you with that.

haze said...

i stumbled into a quote a while ago and it just tattooed on my heart for reasons i can't explain. it says "YOU NEVER KNOW HOW STRONG YOU ARE, UNTIL BEING STRONG IS THE ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE"... maybe i'm not strong after all. maybe it's not courage that's making me stand up, still, on the ground. but the very reason that there's nothing left i can do, because if i don't, who will stand up for myself?

and then your magical words came, as suddenly as the wind.. Every time you feel sick about a situation, take the time to send some healing energy around the globe.

am i only wasting my time feeling miserable about myself? and not caring about others? well, no. i always think about others. i always care about them. my heart beats, and bleeds because of them. and i just realized, that my greatest strength is my greatest weakness. (and i have a feeling this isn't good).

♥thank you Miss BlogWriter. sorry for this is long. (now, can i post this on my blog? haha!)

The Blog Writer said...

Oh, Haze- It IS good. God packaged you with a great deal of thought. He surely knew what He was doing.

In my opinion, your ability to care for every other person in sight and even for those not in sight makes you far stronger than someone who feels no emotion.

Your emotional quotient IS your strength.

It is your ability to look beyond yourself that heals you of your hurts. I know this to be true.

p.s. yes, you can happily post it back on your blog for me to re-read! :)

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