Friday, March 18, 2011

What do YOU want?

Think and Ye shall receive!

Your thoughts breathe life the minute you've thought them.

Think about something you absolutely don't want.

Bam! It'll strike you in the face before you can finish.

Thoughts are powerful.

They carry energy- energy that has to materialize.

Today, I was thinking of someone from my past.

The person in question instantly appeared and threatened to rock my safe haven.

When presented with the worst of situations, learn to convert them to your advantage.

It'll hold you in good stead.

Focus on YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR life-plan.

This is YOUR life.

There will be sadists who won't want you to get there.

Their aim is to distract you.

Don't fall for it!

Get out of the frame and look at the big picture.

God wants you to succeed.

He dreamed the same dreams that you did.

Know that He is blessing you at all times.

Pray for the ones that try to harm you.

They need your love and blessings.

Forgive the mentally ill.

You are blessed and free, but they still suffer from their disease.

Send them healing energy.

Think good thoughts at all times.

Radiate goodness.

It is becoming of you.


haze said...

there's power in words... if we say that we will succeed, we will, plus a spoonfull of determination and a pocketfull of prayers!

+ a warm hand to slap those crazy sadists who wants to hurt us! (joke!)♥

The Blog Writer said...

That warm hand you provided made my day a lot better yesterday. Thank you, girl!

haze said...

aW! thank youuuuuuu.... i don't know what happened, but i'm glad to know that i'm one of the reasons that made your yesterday better.


Jodie-Ann said...

Well, I have to work on forgiving people before I can pray for my enemies. o.O Hehe. But, I will work on it XD

G said...

cool positivity - following

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

One might fight a ton brave battles when they belong to someone else. When it comes to their own, it just gets easier with some support and cheering. THAT is what you did. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

We're all actually only just working on it. It is happening. :) The effort counts!

The Blog Writer said...

@ G:

Thank you! :)

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