Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running late? Will YOU make it??

It might be a normal day for anyone else.

But you know you haven't missed a beat.

You've lost your crowning glory by the edge of a nail.

It doesn't matter that it was a voluntary decision.

The moment hurts as it passes you by.

What are you going to do now??

Will you fret and lose your steam?

Or Will you get more charcoal to burn your fire brighter?

Nothing is lost until you give up.

Chug away silently as everyone else sleeps.

You might have been a late bloomer.

But you will stand tall at the finish, in perfect time.

Have the determination to win.

Get set. GO!

I know it in my heart.


Because only YOU can!

Your time is valuable.

Don't while it away.


haze said...

the moment hurts as it passes you by..

aww! babe! where do you get all these posts?! are they all from your head? you are amazing! i love everything you write!♥

haze said...

dear Miss BlogWriter, i just want you to know that your comments to my posts are very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!♥

The Blog Writer said...

:) :) Thank you, Haze!

The Blog Writer said...

Oh... and you're most welcome. :)

THE DRIFTING girl said...

Nothing is lost until you give it up - amen to that! We make use of our time, the precious time we're given, and only we can make it worthwhile :)

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