Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling let down??

God wants ONLY the best for You and I.

There may be obstacles in the path.

They are mostly just to teach us right from wrong.

Have faith in Him, smile and keep going.

Be good and honest in all that you do.

Don't let things that aren't permanent affect you.

The best is in store for you. :) :)


Don't wonder why you're here.

Don't wonder if you've chosen the right path.

Simply follow your heart.

He IS leading you.

You ARE safe.

"But I was SO close! Why didn't it work??" you ask?

God loved you enough to break the news to you early.

He wanted to save you from too much hurt.

He knows your desires.

He knows how much You are capable of.

He is not testing You.

He just wants You to know what He knows.

You're doing a wonderful job.

Several people benefit from your goodwill.

The world is cleaning itself up.

You started this revolution.

Don't give up!

Everybody needs You to stay.

Give yourself a pat.

You're fantastic.


haze said...

He just wants You to know what He knows... :)

aw! this is totally amazing... i really like this part and the rest that goes with it :) your thoughts are always so wonderful, dove! and oh, just so you know, i'm still reading your posts :)

The Blog Writer said...

Haze, you make me giggle! Thank you for still reading me. That is very kind of you. :)

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