Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Passion is to go blind, turn deaf and become paranoid

Have you ever exercised?

Do you know what makes you lose weight?

Are you finding it difficult to study?

But do you still want to ace your test?

It WILL all happen, but only when YOU stop counting.

Stop counting your calories or your weight-loss.

Stop counting the time you've put in or your effort.


Stop longing for breaks.

Glue your eyes to the finish.

Plan. Plot. Kill.

No one gets nothing for free- EVER.

How do some people get lucky?

Why don't we ever feature on that list?

We've all got a TON questions.

Do we do something about them?

Clearly not, if we're still complaining.

Enjoy whatever it is that you do.

Start liking your salad.

Appreciate it because it will lead you to your goal.

Love your textbooks.

You're going to miss every single page during the exam.

Devour it all while you still can.

You WANT to be the last one laughing.

Don't look at your sweat.

Keep your eyes on the crown.


Lemmiwinks said...

great post. following you

Jodie-Ann said...

LOL, I have no need to exercise. I'm super skinny. XD But, I do sometimes just to get my heart in shape because I get tired(not sleepy tired) too quickly.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Lemmiwinks: Thanks! :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

I'm going to use that as an affirmation! ;)

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