Friday, May 6, 2011

Bear the torch, light up the dark alleys!

Take tone from monotonous.

Grab the route map from routine.

Where the flame on the candle of hope burns bright-

There is the certainty of every goal being completed.

What kind of person do you want to be?

Think of where your happiness stems from.

Imbibe each quality into every cell of your body.

Don't doubt.

God promises to walk you through.

Have complete confidence in His word.

You don't have to beg to Him- no, you don't.

Join your hands in sincere, heartfelt gratitude.

Watch Him smiling back.

You will win.

Enjoy the glint in your eyes.

Your task is coming through beautifully.

Shield it from the eyes of every other.

This is your dream coming to life.

Mould it, shape it, motivate it, better it.

Miracles happen in a mere fraction of a second.

Don't take your eyes off your goal.

You want to be the first one to see it breathing.

You want to be the first to cradle it with joy.

Look forward to that moment in time.

It is going to be your lucky day!

Give it all of your love and hard-work.

Be loyal towards it's accomplishment.

The rewards will follow soon.

See the pride that has taken root in your being.

The universe has waited for this day.

You were meant to be here.

Give it your best and strongest push.

Give it your all.

It is the start of a new life- your new life.

Take in a big, full breath of freedom.

Taste the fruit of success.

See every ounce of your effort materializing.

Glow from within.

You're so happy to have persisted!

Snap back to now.

The rehearsal went great!

Live what you saw.

The prophecy is longing to come true.


FeliciaShortii said...

I really like your blog. And it helped me. I like it.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Felicia:

Thank you! I'm glad it helped! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Yes, this. is. the. BEGINNING! :D

The Blog Writer said...

Go girl!! :)

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