Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confessions are for the soul

In most people and their actions, you see God.

Some others cause you to doubt His very existence.

You know that your Lord is true though.

Each memory from the past reminds you of His mercies.

Ask Him the silliest of questions you may have.

Confide in Him when you think He might be unreal.


The answer will relieve you.

Your heart will smile, laugh and dance with joy.

He promises to surround you with believers.

He pledges to help you in spreading His glory.

Those who mock your faith will recreate themselves.

Your touch will purify their lives.

Your words will cleanse their minds.

He gives you time, peace and confidence.

He encourages you to achieve your goals.

You are a part of His Holy Spirit.

How can you bear any fragment of fear then??

When in self-doubt, pray to Him with belief.

He is on your team- He is you!

If you believe that God always wins every race-

You also know that victory is automatically yours. :)

There is peace in your world.

There is progress, calmness, prosperity and pure joy.

There is growth, trust, friendship, love and faith.

There is hope.

There are dreams.

There is accomplishment.

Focus on your task.

Your one-mindedness is fair.

When you fail to notice anything else around you-

Don't ever feel guilty or think that God feels ignored.

He is your task, He is your journey, He is your goal.


pEarL said...

Hi Blog Writer! Your posts are inspiring. I am so inspired. Thank you.

manda said...

Thank you, Your writing has helped me,,
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The Blog Writer said...

@ Pearl:

:) You have the ability to absorb goodness and get motivated. It is YOUR victory, really!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Manda:

:) You're most welcome, Manda! I'm happier to have reached you through my writing. :)

Kench Alegado said...

Aw that was very inspiring. Your awesome! Keep those posts coming!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Kench Alegado:


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