Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your happiness is in YOU

Get out of the computer.

Walk into the real world!

Spend some time with your close ones.

Talk to someone who you haven't caught up with.

Scream the lyrics of the song you're listening to.

Giggle over lame jokes, rewind and laugh again! :D

Give discounts to those who do you little favors. :)

Cling to the smiles and dangle freely.

Let your inner child play with reckless abandon!

True success is in how much you've lived, today.

Relish the kick in your coffee.

Enjoy the satiety of simple oatmeal.

Gulp the yumminess of a fancy brunch.

You're growing, you're going places.

Cherish the momentum in your flight!

Your freedom is in the palm of your hand.

Thank those who remind you of this truth.

Create a to-do-list.

Feel good about the ground you've covered.

Race ahead with anticipation and desire.

Watch a fun film that de-stresses you always.

Pick up a book, get lost in it's pages.

Treat yourself to some pampered goodness.

Coat yourself with thoughts of you.

You're remarkable in every which way you are!

Feel grateful for how beautiful you feel inside-out.

Let the love flow through you to the world around.

Forgiveness helps you flourish, prosper and excel!

You are the epicenter of your universe.

Nurture it, energize it, glow from your heart!

When you share your all, you're free from robbers.

Mix with, strain or drain the others.

Your story depicts you.

All power is yours. :)


Jodie-Ann said...

I love this <3

The Blog Writer said...

Haha! Honestly, I do, too! It makes me smile ear-to-ear. :)

iZaynab said...

This was so directed at me.
iMean iHave a life outside.
But yeah.. iNeed to work out more ~

The Blog Writer said...

:) Go work out! Life is waiting for you to fill your colors in it!

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