Thursday, May 12, 2011

Melt into your Creator's lap

There is one sun, one God, one energy source.

There is one YOU.

Everything else can get confusing sometimes.

Remember where to go when you're lost.

God is kind to be sharing His plans with you.

He gives you your own time on lease.

He gives you extensions when you ask.

He cures your headaches when you can't think.

He soothes your eyes when your vision is a blur.

He says, "It is okay" when you can't forgive yourself.

He brings you coffee and helps you restart.

He guides you in your head and gives you hope.

When all else shuts down on you, reach out to Him.

The answer might seem simple.

But this is the only key I have.

This is my strength, my faith, my everything.

Take care of your body, your feet, your eyes-

They have places to go and dreams to discover.


Your mind with knowledge.

Your heart with love.

Your soul with His light.

Sip the sweet nectar of happiness.

Feel the aches disappearing.

See them being taken away, one by one.

Feel light, calm and peaceful in His care.

The world can wait awhile.

Listen to what He says to you.

Remember to do things for you.

He is always here for you.

You just need to call His name.

Visit Him often- you feel unbelievably good, each time.

May there be peace in His Kingdom, always.

I am so very blessed to know His love like I do.


Jodie-Ann said...

I'm so jealous of how you can have so much faith in God. :)

Anonymous said...

if anyone read this blog and continue to read, he will become saint,sanyasi

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

I promise it will come to you, too. :)


The Blog Writer said...

@ Anonymous:

Haha! Isn't that kind of cool?!

I'm so glad the goodness I invest here, works.

Thank you for making my day!!!

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