Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stay precious

Glow in the darkness through your positivity.

Create a bank for times that you run out of your own.

Focus on what goes on inside of yourself.

That is where your training on concentration begins.

Learn to set aside external influences.

It doesn't matter who appreciates or demoralizes you.

Do you count on your vote or theirs?

That is the heart of the equation, here.

Keep the space in your head pure.

Nothing can invade, then!

God lovingly protects you every step of the way.

Thank Him.

Keep Him in your thoughts.

Confide in Him.

He doesn't judge.

He is fair.

Learn from Him.

Absorb His unconditional goodness.

When you're safe in a well-guarded fortress-

It is lame to waste any time in fear or misery.

Feel the love that envelopes you.

Wrap yourself in it's gentle, nourishing care.

You don't need to use the trap door.

Bask in the glory of the sun's rays.

Let it light up every cell in your body.

Allow it's warmth to energize your dreams.

Hear the universe whispering it's secrets into your ears.

Channelize your thoughts.

Align them with your destination.

Think of your goals all the time.

Know where it is that you are headed.

Work harder with courage, dedication and pluck.

Look up to your idols and mentors.

They have faced similar challenges in the past.

They still do.

Study their response to the situation.

Model their behavior pattern, if it helps.

It will bring with it the bravery that you need. :)

It will teach you to keep spreading your love with ease.

Grow into a better you- day after day after day.

Don't stop!

You're truly amazing.

The world needs YOU.


Jodie-Ann said...


The Blog Writer said...

"Yay for all the happiness!" is what I'm thinking. :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) I like the smiles!

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