Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Progress has no full stop

The world is so full of highly intellectual people.

Learn from the greats.

Mingle with the best.

The key is not in kicking at the leg pullers.

Focus on climbing steadily up the ladder.

Glue your eyes to the goal and beyond.

One step at a time is a great way to go.

But don't ever become complacent with your pace.

Your destination can never be an end in itself.

The others aren't about to pause their journeys for you.

There is always somebody else to look up to.

There are always newer aims to achieve.

Don't rot in the muck.

Don't get dragged down either.

God is protecting you, yes.

But He gives you several directions to choose from.

Choose sensibly.

Each step defines your entire life.

The world looks not at a life full of goodness alone.

It waits to pounce at every wrong move, too.

You're a smart player.

Keep your head on your shoulders and walk tall.

Heat up your inherent drive to succeed.

Desire nothing but the best and it will be yours.

Work hard.

Work very hard.

The goal is easy.

But you want to be certain that you'll reach the top.

Nothing substitutes hardwork-

Not talent, not desire, not intelligence.

Long to progress in true earnest.

The graph can only go upwards, then.

The pride that you will feel in your heart-

It will be worth every last drop of your sweat.

Don't ever stop wanting more though!

Dream bigger.

Strive for more.

Keep at it!

The risk-taker wins.
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