Monday, May 23, 2011

The source and You

In the wake of the storm, with dedication you've fought.

The lull, thereafter, might have left you distraught.

When the energies don't flow, in your heart, no more,

When you're so sapped that you can't see no shore;

When you pray for your meditative peace to return,

When you wish to do more than just struggle and yearn;

Take a cue from the drop of water that falls,

The ripple in the quiet, the Light of faith calls.

Listen to the gentle breeze caressing your skin,

Whispered secrets, comforting your soul within.

Look into the eyes that watch you always,

A symphony with love comes wafting your ways.

"I hear your prayer, your devotion, sweet loving child!

Keep glistening in the darkness, your fear turning mild;

See the perpetrator feeling chaos, starting to run wild.

I protect thee with ferocity and rightful possessiveness,

No harm shall come, have faith, for I am your harness;

My glory, My power, you have good fortune to witness!"

Upon hearing your Lord, your lost smile again dances,

With the fate of His believer, He takes no chances!

A green healing glow, every inch of your body, filleth;

Every cell and drop of blood, within your being, waketh!

The roots of evil, it's core, begging for mercy, shaketh;

God's unconditional love, even it's filthy body, cleneth!

His tender, nourishing care, filling your heart, overflows,

His strength, His knowledge, from your spirit outgrows.

Every worshipping beast knows His miracles abound,

Our words, our actions, stories of His wisdom surround.

"Go on to spread My Light where darkness still prevails,

I shall shield you, in your entirety", His doctrine entails.

Be brave and fight for love, His honor, for peace divine,

Wield His sword, cut thick bushes of ignorance- shine.

Open the gates, allow every lurking creature to enter,

It matters not what they say, once within His shelter;

His touch, His words, His love, course into hard veins,

His song, they will sing; surrendering to Him, their reins.


rivercat said...

this is great, thanks :)

pEarL said...

Hi blogwriter.. All your posts are inspiring.

The Blog Writer said...

Thanks, Rivercat and Pearl! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Awesome <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) Thanks!

pEarL said...

@Blog Writer.. Thank you for appreciating my posts. I actually love reading your posts. It's full of inspiration. Your faith is strong and your relationship with Him i so adore.

Andrea said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for joining to follow Arise 2 Write. GOD bless you! I have joined to follow here, too. Lately, I have NOT been getting around as much as I would like to. I am really struggling with my call to write this memoir and do it the way GOD wants it. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.


The Blog Writer said...

@ Pearl:

:) The appreciation is definitely mutual!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Andrea:

I am glad to have bumped into your blog. It is a gem. :)

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